Pres. Bush As Gog, Follow Up


The article about the Israeli Rabbis’ message to Bush is startlingly scary but very exciting. Can you direct me to a site for the text of the message? I’d like to read what they said to him. Maybe “everybody” has been misinterpreting prophecy and the US is the Babylon of Revelation. The labor pains are getting stronger very fast. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


In response to a number of inquiries, I’ve put a transcript of the Bush Scroll at the bottom of my commentary about it.

But we shouldn’t make the mistake of connecting the scrolls assertion that Pres. Bush is acting like Gog with the “US as Babylon” theory. In the past I’ve written that Gog is a figure from the supernatural world and not a mere human world leader. I say that because his three appearances in the Bible span a period of over 3700 years. To me this means that he’s an evil spirit who influences the heads of governments to suit Satan’s purpose. In Ezekiel 38:1 he’s connected with Magog, a son of Japeth who was the father of the Caucasian gentile races. Magog himself is identified with the Russian people.

This is why it’s so surprising to see these rabbis reference Ezekiel 38:1 in addressing Pres. Bush. They had to be interpreting it in the broadest possible terms, thinking of him as a Gentile leader. To call him the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal means they believe he’s the supreme leader, above the heads of the individual nations.

Some in Israel believe that Pres. Bush will soon try to recruit Iran’s help in his efforts to impose a peace treaty on them. If so, that would be another clue into the rabbis’ thinking relative to Ezekiel 38.

There’s an atmosphere of desperation surrounding this whole process, beginning with America’s sudden about face on the Iran Nuclear threat, and Pres. Bush’s vocal and public pressure on Israeli leaders to keep PM Olmert in office in spite of hie ethical and competence problems. He also authorized Israel to attack Gaza, but for the sole purpose of handing it back to PA Pres. Abbas, which has the Israeli military furious. It appears that no price will be too great to pay, and that’s bad news for Israel.

But none of this has any bearing on Babylon’s coming role in the End Times. It only concerns setting Israel up for Ezekiel’s battle and their reunion with God.