Still More On Pres. Bush As Gog


Hats off to you for your nothing short of stunning piece on Pres. Bush being named as “Gog” by leading rabbis. Extremely thought-provoking. What could better illustrate the ever-changing nature of prophecy? Even supposedly bedrock interpretations of verses like (Ezekiel 38:1).

Correct me if I’m wrong: isn’t the more conventional interpretation of the identity of Gog, and Magog thought to be Russia, with the chief prince of Meshech as Moscow and Tubal as Tobolsk, Siberia?

You didn’t refer to this per se, but perhaps this may be something that will unfurl in ways we did not expect — and perhaps quite soon. Thanks again for not only this essay, but your entire body of work. Extremely helpful. (Had not heard of the polar reversal of 2012 until your recent essay.) God’s blessings to you many times over.


Magog is normally associated with Russia and I concur with that. But I believe that Gog is a supernatural figure, perhaps Satan’s counter part to the archangel Michael, and as such is not permanently linked to any geographical location, like Magog and the other founders of the 70 nations in Genesis 10 are. If so that means he can also influence the actions of nations other than Russia, including the US. I believe that Meshech and Tubal refer to the Turkic people of today.

I don’t think the Rabbis would necessarily agree with me. I think they were interpreting the phrase “chief prince of Meshech and Tubal” in the widest possible way, naming Pres. Bush as the leader of Gentile nations who are dividing the land in the name of peace, and setting Israel up for destruction.

A chief prince is one who has authority over other princes, which is how Pres. Bush is perceived. This is similar to the way Nebuchadnezzar was called the king of kings in Daniel 2:37. It didn’t mean that Daniel thought Nebuchadnezzar was the Messiah, but simply that he had authority over the other kings of the world.