Question About The Bush Scroll


I have a question about the letter to Bush from the Rabbis. I was confused because I didn’t see where Ezekiel 38 says Gog is a prince of the west, though it does seem to say he is different from someone in the far north (vs 6) but it says in vs 15 he would come from the far north.

On the other hand, I found it interesting in vs 4, it says “I will turn you around” and vs 10 “thoughts will arise in your mind”. So it almost seems as if this mounting attack against Israel will be a change of plans or intent for Gog. That doesn’t seem to apply to Russia.


The phrase “leader of the west” in their letter is not a quote from Ezekiel but an acknowledgment from the rabbis of Pres. Bush’s position in the world.

I think the “change of intent” may already be taking place as Russia has only recently begun to insert itself into Middle Eastern politics again, more actively supporting Iran and Syria, relocating a portion of its navy to the Mediterranean, challenging the US and NATO in Europe, etc. For years Russia was only concerned with its own internal problems, but now is looking outward again, especially toward the West, trying to regain its super power status.