Have People Visited Hell And Come Back?


What do you think of (a well known author’s) website? She claims to have spent 40 days in Hell with Christ to witness the abominations of hell. And, is it true that according to general Albert Pike, 33rd degree Freemason, World War III is necessary to stage Anti-Christ?


Think about it. In Luke 16:27-31 when the rich man asked Abraham to send Lazarus back to warn his family of the agony of Hell, Abraham refused. In effect, he said that the Bible already contained sufficient warnings.

That being the case, why would Jesus now take people on tours of Hell? (She’s not the only one who claims to have visited.) We have even more Biblical knowledge than was available in the Lord’s time.

The Bible also tells us that the anti-Christ is the major cause of the so-called WW3, not one who emerges out of it.