Head Start On Eternity


Am I correct in assuming that we as the Church will get to start eternity approx 1007 years before everyone else? And if that is the case, I wonder if people on Earth will see us come and go in split seconds and just appear next to them out of nowhere, at the speed of thought like Jesus did. Or do we have to wait til the end of the Millennium like everyone else? Will we in our new bodies get to visit Earth while the others still have their mortal bodies? I also wonder if we will be able to visit all of creation, the planets, etc during that time, or have to wait til the 1000 years are over for the real Eternity to start. What are your thoughts…


I guess in a sense we will have a head start on eternity with our eternal bodies, although no one knows exactly what’s coming after the Millennium and to what extent things will change. 1 John 3:2 says when Jesus appears we’ll be like Him, so I think that means we’ll be able to do all the things He can do. We’ll be able to visit Earth during the Millennium, but people in natural bodies will not be able to visit the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:27).