Healing Through Medicines And Herbal Remedies


This is kind of a 2 part question. (I read one of your articles on healing)

1. Is it okay to use medicines?

2. I have a few things that cause me daily discomfort (pain). If I choose to go a more natural route i.e. herbs, is this okay?

I know herbs are mentioned in the bible (specifically, I remember the phrase “bitter herbs” ).

I just don’t want to be taking anything out of context (or misunderstanding proper uses of these things), if it is not alright to use these. Specific helps have been garlic, ginger, red peppers (chiles), kava (occasional low dose root extract capsule), grape seed oil and (vitamin c and d, though not herbs) (frequency of each not in the order given).

I have put a fair bit of effort into finding things that help, so I don’t have to rely on prescription stuff. However, I would be unhappy if my experimentation in these areas is not a good idea.


Since God can choose to heal in many ways including modern medicine, I see no problem with taking medicine. And as far as herbs are concerned, I’ve believed for years that when sickness came into the Earth because of sin and the Lord cursed the land, He also gave us a sign of His mercy. It was found in the very weeds and thistles that symbolize the curse, for they contain healing properties that cure the illness that man’s sin has caused.