Heaven And Hell


You have said many times that you believe that God tortures unbelievers for all eternity in hell. So, please explain what the “Second Death” is as mentioned in the following Scriptures: Rev. 2:11; Rev. 20:6; Rev. 20:14 and Rev. 21:8. Also, God promises believers “Eternal Life” for our faith, so, if He tortures unbelievers for all eternity, doesn’t that make Him a Liar? According to your view unbelievers would also have eternal life, albeit a terrible one.


The second death is introduced in Rev. 2:11, repeated in Rev. 20:6 and explained in Rev. 20:14 as being a reference to the lake of fire, where people whose names are not written in the book of life will be thrown. In Rev. 21:8 it’s called the fiery lake of burning sulfur, which makes it the same place where the anti-Christ, the false prophet and Satan will be tormented for ever and ever (Rev. 20:10). This tells us people don’t die there but suffer eternal torment. Therefore the second death is eternal torment.

Jesus also made mention of this in Matt. 25:41 when He said the unbelievers from the sheep and goat judgment will be sent into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. They will go there to suffer eternal torment while the believers will enjoy eternal life. (Matt. 25:46)

From a study of these and other references it’s clear that everyone ever conceived will live eternally. The question is how we will spend it. In Matthew 25:46 Jesus answered that question. Believers go to be with God for eternal blessing. Unbelievers go into the lake of fire for eternal torment.

Believers are born twice and die once. The first birth and first death are physical. The second birth is spiritual and brings eternal blessing. Unbelievers are born once and die twice. The first birth and first death are physical. The second death is spiritual and brings eternal torment.