How Big Was Samson?


I have a question about Samson. I recently heard a Pastor remark that Samson was a relatively small man and his strength was of God. I know the strength came from God and it would make it even more remarkable to those people at that time if he were small, but I don’t know if that is actually stated in the Bible. I believe the pastor was assuming he was of normal size and not muscle bound as most pictures portray him.


Samson could be called the world’s first super hero. There is no physical description of Samson in the Bible. His strength was derived from the power of the Holy Spirit and was available to him only as long as he kept his Nazarite vow to the Lord (Judges 13:5).

When Delilah persuaded him to let her cut his hair, thereby breaking his vow, his strength left him and he was captured. From this I presume that without the Holy Spirit he was a man of ordinary stature and capability.

If that’s the case then Samson serves as an important example of what an ordinary person can be capable of when working in the power of the Holy Spirit.