How Can I Know I’m Doing What The Lord Wants?


I have a burning question that you answered for another person, but I need examples please. When we are doing our good works for the Kingdom, how do we know if we are working in God’s power and not just our own? Is there any way to tell the difference besides waiting for the Bema judgment?


I can only offer you my personal experience. If I feel the Lord prompting me to do something, receive help I didn’t anticipate and had no right to expect while doing it, and when I’m finished it’s clear that the results were far better than anything I could have produced in my own strength, and I’m humbled by the experience, then I’m pretty sure it was the Lord.

But if I set out on my own, immediately start getting a lot of interference, have to “beg borrow and steal” to get the help I need, and wind up with a sense of personal satisfaction that I was able to persevere in spite of the setbacks and disappointments, then I know I was working on my own.

I know some people think that getting a lot of interference during a project is a sign that they’re in God’s will, but I’ve found that when we’re in God’s will and in His time things go a lot better. Getting out ahead of God doesn’t save any time, and waiting on Him doesn’t waste any.

Remember, He promised that if we remain in Him and He in us we will bear much fruit (John 15:5). To me, remaining in Him means working in His strength, at what He’s doing, and in His perfect time. There is no power in Heaven or on Earth that can stand against that.