How Can You Believe This?


I do not understand how in your explanation of the Millennium, you can say that a temple, with blood sacrifices, will be operational in Israel. I cannot imagine the “final sacrifice” standing by while they kill animals for sacrifice even if you say it is as a “memorial”. This is the main thing that I cannot accept about the dispensationalist view. It seems to me it would be an abomination to a God who sent His only Son to be a “once and for all” sacrifice. My question is how can you believe this?


I don’t mean to sound abrupt or simplistic, but I believe it because I’ve read Ezekiel 40-46. In those chapters the God of Israel had Ezekiel describe the Temple where He would personally dwell with them during the Millennium (see Ezekiel 43:7). He gave Ezekiel its dimensions, the priests who would attend Him there, the furnishings, the required sacrifices, and the holy days they will celebrate. Scholars who read these chapters literally agree that such a temple has not been built yet.

It’s all very clear and it’s all very specific. There will be a Temple in Israel during the Millennium, and they will perform animal sacrifices daily as a memorial to what Jesus did on the cross. They will do this to help all the millions of people who will be born during that 1000 year period to realize that Jesus is their Messiah just as He is ours.