How Do I Convince Her She’s Wrong?


I have a friend with a strange doctrine that bothers me. She believes that when Jesus died He paid for the sins of the world and all in it. So far no problem with me. Then she says that everyone is saved by that death without any actions, faith, or even knowledge of Jesus. In her opinion people from other religions or no religion will go in the rapture and will go to heaven, even without their prior knowledge or consent. Frankly I’m flabbergasted and do not know what to say to her to convince her of her folly.


I started to answer your question by quoting a bunch of verses that challenge her position and then realized her views so clearly contradict what the Bible says that anyone with even a little Bible knowledge could show her the error of her beliefs. Then it dawned on me that she probably doesn’t know much about the Bible and may not even believe it’s true. If so, then the dozens of verses we could cite wouldn’t mean anything to her.

It’s clear that she’s developed her own set of beliefs apart from any study so I think instead of trying to convince her that she’s wrong the first step would be to find out if she’s even interested in discovering what the Bible says about these things. If she declines then there’s no point in pursuing it with her because it would just be your opinion against hers. They say the greatest obstacle to finding the truth is the assumption that you already have it.

But if she accepts, you have an opportunity to disciple her by letting the Bible speak for itself.