What Would Convince Them?


I have read your study regarding the coming Temple being built north of Jerusalem. In it you mention the current Temple Mount being destroyed in conjunction with the Lord’s return. My question is: What do you envision happening that would convince the Jewish people of today to build their new Temple any place other than the current Temple Mount? I am not doubting you that it will be built north of the city, but can’t imagine how they will come to this decision.


The Bible doesn’t explain it in so many words, but there are several justifications for this. The most obvious would be the human desire to avoid the enormous problem having a Temple on the current Temple Mount would cause for the Islamic world.

But even more convincing is that the Hebrew Scriptures tell them to do this. The only justification for building on the current Temple Mount is to comply with history. If they look forward into the future instead of looking back into the past , the prophecies of Ezekiel will pinpoint the proper location for them.

Remember, the Old Testament only mentions 3 Temples, two of which have been built and destroyed. The only one left to build is the one Jews call Ezekiel’s Temple and its location is specified in Ezekiel 48.