How Do I Know I’m Saved, Follow Up


I thank you for your ministry to all of us . May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. In regard to the question How Do I Know I’m Saved, I believe that there should be a change in a persons heart about sin in their life and I believe that we are more aware and convicted of our sin when we still stumble. Would you agree or not?


Yes, I agree, but I was giving the clearest proof the Bible offers. Some people notice the changes you mention immediately after being saved and for others they come later. There’s nothing in the Bible to indicate when this will happen in a believer’s life. But one thing is clear. Everyone who hears the gospel and believes it is saved immediately (Ephesians 1:13-14). And everyone who sincerely asks for it receives it (Matthew 7:7, Romans 10:13)

Then there’s the issue of whether it’s better to look to our feelings to determine whether we’re saved, or rely on the promise of God. Feelings can be deceptive and are subject to manipulation, but the promise of God is clear and unchanging.