How Do The Jews Come To Christ?


My husband and I are missionaries in Bolivia. We just finished reading “7 Things” and really loved it. We believe that the Holy Spirit is removing the veil and showing His people new things about the end times. Your book is an evidence of this.

My question has to do with the time of Tribulation when Israel will build another temple and restart the old covenant. In your book, you suggest that one of your three groups are Jews and Gentiles who become believers. If the Jews are continuing the sacrifices for sin, how do they become a believer in Christ for salvation when He is the ultimate and only sufficient sacrifice for sin? What role does faith in Christ play during the Tribulation and will that even be possible once the Holy Spirit has left the earth because He dwells in us?


I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

Following the rapture of the Church, God will turn back to Israel for the completion of the last 7 years of the Old Covenant, which requires a temple and sacrifices. We know this time as Daniel’s 70th Week (Daniel 9:27). Just before the Second Coming the Jews will receive a spirit of grace and supplication from God which will open their eyes and soften their hearts. Many will finally recognize Jesus as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10) at that time.

Salvation has always been by faith and will continue to be so after the Church is gone. Following the rapture, the Holy Spirit will minister on Earth in a manner similar to the Old Testament. He’ll be with believers, and will come upon them in power, but will not be sealed within them as a guarantee of salvation. That’s a blessing unique to the Church.