How Were People Saved Before The Law?


My father and I agree with dispensationalism and recently were discussing how those born before the Law were saved. For example: Adam and Eve. We understand that they had a personal relationship with God, having physically walked with Him, there would be little doubt to His existence. We know that when they first sinned they basically “confessed” to God and God then killed an animal, representing the first sacrifice.

My question would be: Is this how they were allowed into Heaven? That they “knew” Him and believed in their hearts even though the Law wasn’t written yet? Or is there a better way of understanding their salvation? Could you offer passages that we might read in reference to this?


The writer to the Hebrews explained that the Old Testament sacrifices were shadows of the good thing to come. (Hebr. 10:1-14) That means they represented the once for all time sacrifice that Jesus would make. From the earliest days of man God had told the people that He would send them a redeemer (Gen 3:15) The animal sacrifices they offered only helped people to the extent that they were offered in faith that this redeemer would one day take their sins away. Long before the Law came Abel, Noah, Abraham and others offered sacrifices to the Lord in faith of the coming Redeemer.