Hurt Not The Oil And Wine


Thank you so much for helping me to learn the Word. My question is from Revelation 6:6 dealing with last part, “and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” I’m sure it must mean more than a literal meaning.


The context of this verse is the difficulty most people will have just trying to survive during the early days of Daniel’s 70th Week. I believe the first part of Rev. 6:6 combines hyper inflation with food shortages, saying it will take everything people can earn in a day just to buy enough food for that day. Oil and wine will be luxuries beyond the reach of all but the very wealthy, who are generally not harmed by economic problems to the extent the average person is.

Some say we’ll see these conditions emerging before the end of 2011, and note that the prices of some food items have already risen substantially from what they were just a few months ago. This is not to say that we’re in the midst of the Seal Judgments. But I do believe we’re seeing early signs that they’re not far off.