The Gulf Oil Spill And Rev. 8


I’m curious about your thoughts on the current gulf oil spill being a fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 8:8-9? It certainly sounds like a verse by verse description but I’m wondering if it is in conflict with any other biblical references? I ask this because I understood the church would be raptured before God’s judgments. Thanks for your insight!


You’ve answered your own question. Because the Gulf oil spill has come before the rapture of the Church, it has also come before the End Times judgments begin. Also, if you look at the area covered by the spill, it’s only a small portion of the Gulf of Mexico, which in itself is only a small portion of Earth’s sea. Rev. 8:8-9 says one third of the sea will be turned to blood. Therefore, as big as it seems now, the Gulf oil spill is only a very, very small sample of what’s coming.