Stop Selling Oil?


Why don’t the Arab oil producers just cut off the oil supply to the US and the West and bring us down? Is it because they would not have enough money to continue their terrorist operations? Isn’t it ironic that for every barrel of oil we/west purchase, the wealth is used funding terrorists against those considered infidels? Oil is what makes the world function, so why would it not be used to bring the world to a halt. The wealth from oil has produced much evil. What do you think?


Selling oil has accomplished the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. The oil producing nations are achieving through the sale of oil to the west something they could not have achieved otherwise.

If they stopped selling oil not only would they run out of money, but they’d risk having the US come in and take it. They have neither the military might nor the national will to prevent that, and even if they tried it would wind up setting them back 100 years. By continuing to sell oil they are not only impoverishing us, but they are enriching themselves as well. Until they gain the necessary military might to prevent us from taking it, selling oil to us is a much better strategy.

I believe this plays into the End Times Scenario by accelerating the demise of the US. Israel has to be left to stand alone against its enemies so that God alone can come to the rescue. (Zech. 12:1-5)