Bible Teachers Selling Survival Products


I have come upon the programs of some TV evangelists as they expound on preparing for the hard times ahead. One even has food buckets he sells and other tools to survive the difficult times ahead. I feel like I am all alone as I don’t have solid ground to stand on. I guess its my doubt that God will provide. Even otherwise trustworthy Bible scholars have areas of disagreement on this subject.


It’s human nature to want to be prepared. It gives us a greater sense of security and a feeling that we’re at least partially in control of things. On the other hand living by faith as the Bible commands (2 cor. 5:7) us is very difficult because it involves giving up our control and trusting the Lord to protect us like He promised to (Matt. 6:31-33) when we know we don’t deserve His protection.

Personally, I’m very suspicious of internet or TV Bible teachers who are selling survival stuff, whether it’s food packages, or equipment, or just “how-to” guides. To my way of thinking, they have a conflict of interest because they’re profiting by “helping” us prepare for the hard times they’re teaching about. The income derived from these sales can easily cloud their teaching objectivity. I think we need to be extra diligent in searching the Scriptures to see if these teachers are being faithful to Biblical truth.