Tribulation Survival Map


I’m concerned about the Tribulation Events – Survival Map where you tell those left behind after the rapture “they must pray to God saying” (and then you give them the prayer to say). I feel this is misleading because no where in the Bible are we told to repeat a prayer to be saved. We are told to believe (put total dependence) in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for our salvation (I Corinthians 15:1-4). One must understand what the gospel message means and believe it personally for them in order to be saved. Romans 10:9-10 makes it very clear that it is believe and believe alone.

I personally know people who have been misled in repeating a prayer and thinking they were saved because they repeated that prayer. We can get a lot of professions from repeating a prayer, but unless someone has been presented the gospel message and has believed it in their heart, they are still lost and on their way to an eternal hell. We must be so very careful and not mislead people into a false hope.


Thanks for your input. I believe as you do and didn’t intend to convey the impression that mindlessly repeating some “magic words” was all it takes to be saved. The intent was to show someone who, through the intense sorrow they feel at missing the Rapture has repented of their indecision, how they could become reconciled with God after all. Sorry for the confusion.

But I’m curious to know how you have been able to determine that some people who’ve asked for salvation were unable to receive it, when the Bible repeatedly promises that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Romans 10:12-13 and Matt. 7:7-8 are good examples.

Certainly someone who has no intention of giving his or heart to the Lord and is just trying to “trick” Him into providing a place in the Kingdom by saying some “magic words” will be disappointed, but even then, how are we to know that’s the case? Didn’t the Lord tell us to leave that up to Him? (1 Cor. 4:5)