More On The Gulf Oil Spill


I am responding to your answer to the question on the Gulf oil spill. You said the oil spill is very small. But I have heard they can’t stop it and it will go up the east coast and out into the Atlantic and across and around Europe and ruin the entire world’s oceans within 18 mos. They also have said that in addition to the oil coming up it brings with it deadly gases and they think they’ll have to evacuate everyone. This is a huge astronomical problem is it not? I hope I didn’t misunderstand you. But please explain.


You’re quoting wild hypotheses that far exceed experts’ worst case scenarios, and even they are not likely to happen. But if they did it still wouldn’t meet the requirements of Rev. 8:8. Consider this. 139.5 million square miles of the world’s surface area is covered by the oceans. Rev. 8:8 says one third of that (46.5 million square miles) will turn to blood. The entire Gulf of Mexico covers slightly less than 6 tenths of one million square miles. You would have to cover an area 77.5 times the entire Gulf of Mexico to fulfill Rev. 8:8.

Put another way, if the Gulf spill currently covered 30,000 square miles, which it doesn’t, it would mean that about 400 square miles per day has been covered since the well blew up. At that rate it would take over 300 years to fulfill Rev. 8:8.

This also assumes that when John wrote blood He really meant oil and when he said 1/3 of the sea turned to blood, he was only referring to coating its surface. Neither of these assumptions are acceptable interpretations of Rev. 8:8.

I’m not trying to minimize the effect of the Gulf oil spill. But I am trying to demonstrate the unimaginable destruction of the Revelation judgments by comparison.