I Am A Closet Christian


Thank you for this wonderful website that has been answering my questions.

For years now I have been living as a Christian but in a Buddhist family. It’s quite sad that my family strongly disallows me from being a Christian, and so I have been hiding the truth from them. I really don’t know what to do at times. I’m afraid God won’t accept me because I have to live like a Buddhist, and do things that seem to be against him, but yet in my heart, I really hope I can live like a Christian. Will God still accept me even after all this? What should I do?

And as a Christian who is pretty restricted, I do not have access to the Bible or go to church. Even if I do go to the internet to read the Bible, I find it hard to understand what God is trying to say. Sometimes, I just head on to some good Christian blogs (like this) and read questions that people ask. Then again, how do I be a good Christian when I do not have the knowledge to be one?


Take heart. There are many Christians all over the world in situations similar to yours. Of course God accepts you because He knows what’s in your heart. But you don’t become a good Christian by acquiring knowledge. You become a good Christian by listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and by believing the Lord’s promise to keep you. He will bring into your life everything you need to know Him better and please Him more.