A Christian Holocaust?


Do you think that believers may have to go through a christian holocaust – similar to the Jews before the rapture? There is so much talk about the “camps” that are being set up in our country and of course the government getting bigger and controlling more? I have a handicapped little boy and I trust in God, but at the same time I am scared. I read scripture everyday and I pray that God will strengthen me in his word. Yet I find I have fear when I think of my son. I have cried to the Lord for strength and wisdom as he is all I can trust. I hope my faith is strong and that I will trust to the end – but this is so scary and I believe it could happen in the future. Any thoughts?


People have been talking like this for a long time. I don’t give much credence to it because the Church is still too strong here. After the rapture it will be a different story, but as of now they’d have to lock up somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 of the country. Plus there would have to be some kind of major catastrophe first that would justify suspending the constitution in favor of martial law, and that they could blame on the Christian community as a reason to lock us up. It took the Nazis nearly 10 years to get the German population ready to accept the Jewish holocaust, and they had no where near the personal freedom that we have.

Finally, the Jews were out of favor with God having rejected Him, Satan had an extermination order against them (and still does), and the holocaust was a fulfillment of prophecy. None of these conditions can be applied to the Church. In my opinion, this is a bunch of extremist hysteria that may happen someday, but not any time soon.