I Had A Dream


I am curious, I had a dream last night, I saw the words Revelation 111 (I’m not sure if it’s 1:11 or 11:1) & also the numbers 648, again I don’t know if it is 6:48 or another book, 64:8. Are there any connections with these things to current times that this could be a sign of something coming or something I should be doing?

This really has me in a quandary. I am just beginning to read & learn the Bible; I have always been a strong believer in God & obviously, based only on faith since I’m not as familiar with the bible as most.



Revelation 1:11 is about the Church and Rev. 11:1 is about Israel. While There is no 6:48 in Revelation there are four 6:48s in the Bible; 1 Chronicles, Mark, Luke and John. These four references didn’t seem connected. But two books of the Bible have 64 or more chapters, Psalms and Isaiah. Psalm 64:8 says that our own words will condemn us and Isaiah 64:8 says that we are all the work of God’s hands. Perhaps the message you’ve received is that both Israel and the Church are the work of God’s hands and as such we shouldn’t be speaking against one another.

See if you can remember anything that’s happened in your life recently that would cause the Lord to send you such a message. Let me know if you come up with anything.