The Dream Of Pilate’s Wife


I really enjoy reading your daily answers. Your ministry continues to be a source of great inspiration for me. My question has to do with the significance of the dream that Pilate’s wife had. A minister that I greatly respect said that it does not make sense that it would be from God because, “God wanted Jesus to go to the cross and this was the means He was using to have Him crucified (Lk.22:42). Satan wanted him dead but not at this time or this way. It was his last ditch attempt. He sent Pilate’s wife the dream to have Pilate cancel Jesus’ crucifixion and prevent Scripture from taking place. I have always thought that the devil was trying to kill Jesus because he thought that he could keep Jesus from fulfilling the prophesies. Do you agree with this minister?


No I don’t agree with the minister’s interpretation. 1 Cor. 2:8 says none of the rulers of this age understood the Lord’s plan until it was too late. (The term “rulers of this age” refers to Satan and his associates.) It is true that Jesus had to die for the sins of the people, but that doesn’t excuse any man of responsibility for His death. In Genesis 50:20 Joseph made the point that God uses for good even those things that man intends for evil. It’s the motive of our heart that convicts us.

According to tradition Pilate’s wife was either a believer at the time or became one because of her dream. In any event she knew that Jesus was innocent and warned her husband not to be involved in what he himself believed to be a travesty of justice (John 19:12). The Lord knew in advance how Pilate would act, but the warning from his wife makes him all the more guilty. I think the dream came from God and was meant to remove any excuse Pilate might have advanced.