I Want To Be Left Behind


As my “gut feeling” tells me the tribulation is quickly approaching, I find myself praying to be left here after the rapture. For two millennium believers have sought to bring people to Christ. What more perfect time will there be. I do not wish to die a martyr, but would accept that if it was God’s plan. I find myself praying for strength and wisdom to do this. Is this wrong?


God has already chosen the evangelists He’ll use during the time after the Church is gone, and they’re all Messianic Jews from one of the 12 tribes of Israel (Rev. 7:1-8). By praying that He’ll leave you here after the Rapture you’re in effect turning down one of the greatest gifts He has ever offered, something He gave His life to provide for you. And besides, what greater message could you give to the unbelievers in your life than by disappearing just like you’ve been telling them you will?