Identifying The Two Witnesses Of Rev. 11


The question I have is from Revelation 11:3 about who are the two witnesses. Some speculate that it could be Enoch because Enoch walked with God and was not, and it could be Elijah because Elijah was taken into Heaven without dying. I myself have the belief that it will be two that we have never heard of. I also have a problem with the idea that God would send one of the old prophets back here after they have already done everything God asked them to do the first time.

There is another reason also. When you go into Deuteronomy what is required to put another person to death is that you have two eye witnesses, I also know that the two witnesses will prophesying, but could they also be here to eye witness the corruption for the final judgment? Now I know that God is Sovereign and sees all that goes on here on earth, but He still sticks with the laws that He Himself established. If God can take Saul and turn him into Paul and give Paul direct revelation from the Lord, why couldn’t God do that with the two witnesses, two that are here now?


Several times over the years I’ve undertaken studies into the identity of the 2 witness and I’ve always come to the same conclusion. While their names are not given, I believe the most logical candidates are Moses and Elijah. I say this for two reasons. First, because the miracles they perform are clearly associated with Moses and Elijah. And second because they’re witnesses to Israel. Israel’s name for the Old Testament is “The Law And The Prophets.” Moses and Elijah are the two figures from Israel’s past who most clearly personify that title. Moses was the Law giver, and Elijah is considered the greatest of Israel’s prophets. They would have more credibility with Israel than any one else the Lord could send.