If You Have The Gift, Use It!


You claim to have the gift of healing. I have trouble believing this because the gifts of the Holy Spirit are usable when needed. If someone is gifted in teaching it is evident as the person teaches. If a Christian is gifted in mercy, that is also evident. The recipient of these gifts does not require faith to receive them. Why didn’t Paul just heal Timothy of his stomach problem? He told him to drink wine instead.


I never claimed to have the gift of healing. What I said was that the Holy Spirit has come upon me and healed people through me when their faith was sufficient. Even Jesus attributed the healing people received through Him as being the result of their faith. You state your opinion as if it’s fact, but the scriptures don’t support it.

Timothy didn’t need healing. He had himself stressed out to the point where it upset his stomach and he needed to relax. The wine was meant to help him do that.