What’s My Spiritual Gift? Followup


I read your response to that question, and have to say, I asked the Lord to reveal my spiritual gift, and after many years, I still have no idea what it is! I study Bible prophecy because I’m “obsessed” with it, as some in my former church would say, but I know there is only one Prophet, Priest, and King, so what else is missing? I’ve begun to wonder if I’m really saved because of God’s silence, but I Cor. 2:14 says I would not be able to understand, or accept God’s word as truth if I were unsaved. I tried fasting, but risked my health because I am diabetic and must not skip meals. I tried those surveys, but ended up more confused. Please help me understand just what use God has for me (if any).


I get asked this question a lot and think God designed the answer to be more of a journey of discovery than we think. It’s been said that we derive the most joy from working in the area of our giftedness. That being the case, think of the different things you’ve done for the Lord and in your personal life and try to remember which of them brought you the most satisfaction. Compare that with studies of 1 Cor. 12 & 14 and Romans 12, to see if there’s any connection with one or more of the gifts.

Then, following the advice of Romans 12, commit your whole life to the Lord again, find a place where it looks like He’s doing something, and pitch in. Having demonstrated your commitment and your willingness, you’ll find the Lord moving you in the direction of your giftedness. Try not to have any pre-conceived notions, allowing yourself to be moved where ever you’re needed. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself in that special place that you know the Lord has intended for you. Everyone has at least one gift. Discovering it is one of life’s great blessings. Remember that He said we will find Him when we seek Him with all of our heart. That means the ball’s in our court.