What’s My Spiritual Gift?


I have been reading your section on spiritual gifts & I know from reading the Word that, as a Christian, I have a gift. How do I find out what my gift is? The church I attend is “big” on speaking in tongues & at one time I thought I had received this gift – not so sure anymore. The one I desire is the gift of prophecy … is that desire indicative of prophecy being my gift? Any insight would be appreciated. By the way, I assume teaching is your gift?


I’ve seen various aptitude tests and other kinds of surveys that are supposed to help determine our gifts, and you’re right we all have at least one. (Yes, mine is teaching.) In my opinion, the best way to find yours is to ask the Lord to reveal it to you. And remember, the discovery of your gift lies not in what you desire the most, but in what you derive the most satisfaction from doing.

Working in the area of your giftedness brings tremendous joy. Obviously you can’t experience this joy until you do something, so while you’re praying find something you think you’d enjoy doing for the Lord and start doing it. If you’re sincere in your quest, the Lord will respond by steering you toward the area of your giftedness. Romans 12:1-8 is a good passage to study while you’re doing this.