In The Clouds?


Paul said that Born Again believers would be caught up with Jesus in the Clouds. My thinking is that at the time of the Rapture the whole Earth can’t be full of clouds at the same time of the day!! Can you tell me what exactly are these Rapture Clouds?


In Acts 1:9 at the ascension, as Jesus was taken up, a cloud hid Him from the disciples’ view. God could easily orchestrate a similar event for the Rapture.Remember, the whole earth doesn’t have to be full of clouds, just the place where we all meet the Lord (1 Thes. 4:17).

According to the Strong’s concordance, a parallel concept in the Old Testament was the pillar of cloud that protected the Israelites from the heat of the desert sun in the wilderness. It hovered over them every day as a shade from the sun. Exodus 13:20-22 tells us the cloud never left them during all their time in the wilderness.