Interpreting Eccl. 3:11

Q. In Ecclesiastes 3:11 depending on which Bible you are using, King James says world, others say eternity, when you look the word world in Hebrew in that verse it says eternity for a meaning, wouldn’t this change the meaning of the verse?

A. Yes it does. Out of 439 times the Hebrew word olam appears in the Bible, it’s only translated world 4 times. The concept of eternity is by far the most prevalent use. I don’t know what the King James translators were thinking, but I definitely prefer the use of eternity in Eccl.3:11.

BTW an often used Hebrew prayer begins, Baruch ata Adonai Elohanyu, Melech haOlam. It means Blessed art thou o Lord our God, King of the Universe (olam). Maybe that’s where the KJV got the idea.

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