Interpreting Two Verses


I was hoping you could shed some light on two scriptures for me if you could:

The first being Ecclesiastes 12:6, what specifically are these objects that are being destroyed i.e. the silver cord?

The second is Amos 5:2, why does God say that Israel is fallen never to rise again?

Thank you so much for your help as always.



Eccl. 12 is an allegory of aging, describing the steady deterioration of life, and how important it is to remember our Creator. In Ecclesiastes 12:6 the fragile nature of our lives is symbolized by a golden lamp suspended from a silver chain. If just one link in the chain breaks the lamp will fall and be destroyed. We’re admonished to remember Him while we can because we’ll never know how much time we have.

In Amos 5:2 the key phrase is Virgin Israel. The context is Israel’s unfaithfulness to God in the worship of idols. God often described idolatry in terms of sexual infidelity. In effect, Israel’s unfaithfulness is being compared to a woman’s virginity which once lost can never be regained. Virgin Israel is no longer a virgin.

Notice in verse 4 how God pleads with a remnant to remain faithful so the nation can live. This is what has happened and in Jeremiah 31:4 God promised that Virgin Israel would once again dance before the Lord. The context there is Israel’s participation in the New Covenant in the Kingdom Age, when their “virgin” status will be restored by their acceptance of the Messiah’s death as payment for their sins. (Joel 3:21)