Is Being An Introvert A Sin?


I read an article today about people who are introverts. The description of this seems to fit my personality very much. I stumbled onto your site a few years back and when I read the articles, I feel I want to find a Bible believing church but I have much trouble interacting with people. I never seem to be able to contribute to chit chat conversations, unless the subject is something I am interested in. It’s very awkward for me. In fact, the only time I feel lonely is when I am around people. Now I think this is more sin in my life. Do you have any thoughts on this?


As I was reading your email I recognized myself in your description because I am also an introvert. Being an introvert is not a sin, it’s a recognized personality trait. Introverts are often deeper thinkers and are not as interested in casual conversation as people who are more extroverted. That can make us a little awkward socially.

I suggest you use some of your alone time to study the Bible, then when you go to Church you’ll be able to talk about something that interests you and the people around you as well. You could start getting to know some people by joining a study group and interacting with them.