Is a Generation 70 years or 80?


Psalm 90:10 says that The days of our life are seventy years, or perhaps eighty if we are strong. According to this passage could a generation be 70 or 80 years? If it could be 80 years then is there the possibility that the Rapture could be further away? The year 2021 would be 80 years minus seven for the Rapture to occur. Do you think this is a possibility? I consider this also, that Babylon must also be rebuilt. That may take a few years. I would like for the rapture to be this year, but according to God’s word a generation could be 70 or 80 years. Please correct me if I am wrong.


The way Psalm 90:10 reads, a lifespan of 70 years is average and one of 80 years is an exception due to extra strength. By your calculation everyone born since 1948 would have to be an exception. Statistics confirm this is not the case. Also Isaiah 23:15 identifies the lifespan of a king to be 70 years. Finally, Babylon does not have to be rebuilt before the rapture.

There are lots of different opinions on rapture timing, but I still think of the rapture as an any moment event rather than one still being 10 years away.