Is A Generation 100 Years Or 70?


I recently stumbled upon your website and it has changed my life. I know ppl throw around that phrase a lot, but I am growing so much closer to God. Just realizing that my salvation cannot be stolen has changed a lot because I have lived in fear of loosing it. But I have also learned so much about the church and of course Revelation, from reading your articles, it made Revelation as clear as a bell!

There is still a lot more for me to sift through, but I was wondering why you concluded that a generation is 70 years and not 100. Referring to the prophecy of Israel (the fig tree) blooming, I was just wondering why you came to that conclusion, because if it is 70-80 years, as you well know, the rapture could be literally, at the door. If a generation is 100 years that would make a big difference.


Remember, a generation and a lifespan are not the same. A generation is defined as the time from a man’s birth until the birth of his first child, not until his death. There isn’t any Biblical support for either a 100 year generation or a 100 year lifespan. Psalm 90:10 says the average man’s life span is 70-80 years, and that’s where I got the number from.

Those who advocate a 100 year generation usually cite Genesis 15:12-16 where 400 years and 4 generations are both mentioned. But to conclude that God was defining either a generation or a lifespan is incorrect. God did say the Jews would be in Egypt 400 years, but the 4 generations he also mentioned comes from the fact that from the time Moses was born until the Jews crossed into the promised land, 4 generations of Jews had been born, an average of 40 years apart.