Is Alcohol Forbidden?


I am considering attending Bible college classes at my local church. As part of the application, students promise not to smoke or drink alcohol both on campus and on our own time. I am not a smoker, but enjoy an occasional glass of wine, especially at our family celebrations. Is this rule Biblical? In the New Testament God told us we could eat and drink anything we want. I totally agree that getting drunk is a sin, but even Jesus drank wine. I also would not order an alcoholic beverage or serve alcohol if I knew that someone around me had a problem with alcohol. I would appreciate your guidance.


There is no Biblical prohibition against drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation. Your position on the issue, as you’ve expressed it, is the Biblical one. Therefore it’s a rule adopted by the people who established the policies governing the school to which you’re applying. But since the application requires that you adhere to this policy, your choice is to accept it or withdraw from the course.