Is America A Chosen Nation?


Concerning Israel and America, many people consider both to be “chosen” of God. But with Israel, God did the choosing. Wasn’t America’s designation as a “chosen” nation man’s request, or statement, to God? Have we just been kidding ourselves?


Israel is the only nation on Earth chosen by God. America’s founding fathers claimed they were birthing a “New Israel” but there’s no indication this was based on instructions from God, nor does any covenant to that effect exist, as it does with Israel (Genesis 12:1-3, Genesis 15:18-21, Genesis 17:8). When you boil it down, it was man declaring America to be chosen, not God choosing America. Out of His grace, God blessed America during the time we sought to act like the Christian nation we claimed to be. As we have abandoned that claim, His blessings have diminished accordingly.