Is Amos 1:3-8 A Future Prophecy?


Re: Amos 1:3-8. I have been trying to study end times prophecies in light of what is happening in the Middle East. I came across this scripture and was wondering if you have an article on this. Thank you for any insight on these scriptures.


Amos 1:3-5 was fulfilled in history when the Aramean Kingdom, of which Damascus was the capitol, was conquered by Assyria in 733BC. The sin of the Arameans was their brutality toward the Jews who lived in the area east of the Sea of Galilee, an area known as Gilead then and the Golan Heights now. If our understanding of the dating of Amos’ prophecies is correct this would have happened about 20 years after he wrote it.

Since the Golan is disputed territory today, with both Israel and Syria claiming it, and since the Hezbollah, who are supported by Syria, regularly harass the residents of the Golan with their rocket attacks, it’s easy to envision a prophetic fulfillment as well, perhaps soon.

Verses 6-8 speak of the conquest of the Philistines, first by Assyria and finally by Nebuchadnezzar about 125 years later. The true Philistines disappeared from the Earth at that time, but the Palestinians, whose name comes from the word “Philistine” are also in contention with Israel today in the same region. The ultimate defeat of these pseudo-Philistines is also a foregone conclusion.

Having being fulfilled within 150 years of their publication, most scholars to consign the entire first two chapters to fulfilled prophecy. But with the current headlines in view it’s tempting to see a second fulfillment in our time. Thanks for calling them to my attention.