Is Church Attendance Mandatory?


What is your view or opinion on whether we should or shouldn’t go to church? My sister, who by the way is the one who told me about your site, said she read on the site that you said believers don’t have to go to church. Does the Bible speak to this specifically? I know our salvation doesn’t depend on it but shouldn’t we be a part of a body of believers?


I think attending a church can be beneficial, providing you can find one that’s focused on the Bible, and enjoying periodic fellowship with other believers is likewise good for us. But in my opinion there’s no Biblical requirement for a believer to attend Church. Paul said we should not let anyone judge us with regard to this (Colossians 2:16). He also said that one man considers one day more sacred than another, while another man sees all days alike. Each one should be convinced in his own mind (Romans 14:5).

Hebrews 10:25 says we shouldn’t give up meeting together, but this can be accomplished in a group Bible study, a home fellowship group, or other such meeting and does not mandate Church attendance.

In other words, if you think attending a church is the right thing to do then you should do it. But you shouldn’t let any one tell you it’s wrong if you don’t.