Is Church Attendance Necessary?


Thank you for making such an informative site, I am blessed to be able read it often! I love the revelation story and think this is a perfect first person account to share with children in a way they can understand it.

My question is: What is your thought about people who are Christians but don’t attend church on a regular basis? I have found that I spend much more time learning and therefore glorifying God by all my studies on the net but several preachers tell me I am wrong and should invest in going to church…when I did that I didn’t spend near as much time studying the bible or studying online. I feel as though we do not need to be in church to worship God. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!


There’s no Biblical mandate for regular church attendance as far as I can tell. In my opinion, the main reason for attending church is the fellowship with believers. This includes socializing with people who share our world view, praying with and for other believers, hearing the praise reports of answered prayers, and worshiping the Lord together. It’s a time when your spirit is uplifted and your faith strengthened.

I agree that many (most?) congregations don’t fill this need, but keep looking. When you find the right one for you, you’ll never miss another Sunday.