Is God Using Weather, Follow Up


In the question Is God Using Weather To Judge Us you said:

“You can make a circumstantial case from the Bible that it had never even rained on Earth before the Great Flood. Extreme weather is one of the enduring consequences of that judgment,”

Can you develop the answer a little more? I have some difficulties in finding support in the Bible.


From Genesis 1:6-8 we learn that God placed a water canopy over the Earth above the sky. This canopy would have assured perfect weather every day. Genesis 2:6 says at the beginning God had not sent rain upon the Earth but watered it by means of streams that came up out of the Earth and irrigated the whole surface of the ground. This was likely the case until the time of the flood when the water canopy collapsed and fell to Earth (Genesis 7:11-12) This is the first time the Bible speaks of rain falling on Earth.

Also Hebrews 11:7 tells us that God warned Noah about things not yet seen on Earth. The writer was referring to the Great Flood which was partly caused by rainfall. From these references scholars speculate that the first time rain fell on Earth was at the time of the Great flood.