Is He The Anti Christ?


I recently heard a CD by (a well known teacher) saying that Prince Hassan Bin Tahal, may very well be the Anti Christ, since he is a direct descendant of Mohammad, has spent his life studying all the religions, is the President of the Club of Rome and would be the one person that all Islamic peoples would trust, therefore being able to bring the different factions together. What is your opinion of this?


This man’s opinion is just that, an opinion. The same would be true of any opinion I might voice, and that’s why I don’t voice one. I don’t believe it’s possible yet for anyone to know the identity of the anti-Christ for certain.

Hassan bin Tahal is the brother of Jordan’s late King Hussein. For years he was the Crown Prince of Jordan, set to become the next King. But just before his death, King Hussein took him out of the line of succession, naming his son, current King Abdullah II, as his successor.