Is Israel’s Suffering Over?


I recently read an article written by a Christian in Jerusalem. He seems to believe that all the suffering for the Jews have already ended and it is all just victory for them from now until the eternal reign of Christ. I thought that the Jews still suffered during the tribulation period on up until Jesus returns to earth at armageddon, when God fights for them against the nations of the earth.


This a phenomenon with which I’m familiar. Many Christians who spend time in Israel grow to love the nation and its people, and can’t bear the thought of such a tragic event as the Great Tribulation happening to them. Although their doctrinal position might be letter perfect in other areas, when it comes to prophecy they seem to be able to re-interpret the Scriptures in such a way as to allow Israel to escape the coming judgment. I personally know of several well respected scholars to whom this has happened. There’s no Biblical support for this kind of thinking, so it must arise out of a love for the people.