Is Jeremiah 25 Both Past And Future?


Do you see Jeremiah 25 switching from a “near-term” prophecy to an “end times” prophecy in the middle of verse 12? Verse 13 to 26 seems to speak of the Great Tribulation, especially considering that verse 26 ends with the statement that “Sheshach (Babylon) will drink after them.”
This appears to be a parallel with Revelation 17-18, Isaiah 13-14, Jeremiah 50-51. I do not recall ever hearing any prophecy teachers referring to this passage when speaking of the ultimate fall of Babylon.


Most people focus on the phrase “When the seventy years are fulfilled” in Jeremiah 25:12 and attribute the rest of the passage to the conquest of Babylon by the Medes and Persians. But a careful reading shows that although Babylon’s decline began then, it wasn’t a complete fulfillment of “all the things written in this book” (Jeremiah 25:13). Their fulfillment won’t be complete until the end of the Great Tribulation.

The same is true of Jeremiah 25:15-26. Many of these nations were told to either submit to Nebuchadnezzar or be destroyed (Jeremiah 27) and several of those who refused disappeared from the world scene forever during the Babylonian conquest. But as in the case above the ultimate fulfillment of this prophecy will not come until the end times judgments are loosed upon the world. The last one to be totally destroyed will be Babylon (Rev. 18).