Is Jerusalem On Disputed Land?


I so appreciate your ministry! Thank you so much for your patience. I was talking to someone about the whole issue of how Prime Minister Netanyahu is allowing people to build homes on ‘Disputed land’, and how that is supposedly stalling the ‘peace’ process. What exactly is meant by ‘Disputed Land’ and is this a valid argument?


The international community believes that since they don’t recognize Israel’s annexation of Eastern Jerusalem and parts of the so-called West Bank following the 1967 war, it’s ownership is therefore disputed. They obviously don’t accept the fact that the land was given to Israel forever by the One who owns the entire planet.

In addition Israel had been granted the land prior to the 1948 declaration of independence. During the war that followed, they lost it to Jordan, but in 1967 they won it back in a legitimate victory.

And finally, it’s my understanding that the land on which PM Netanyahu has been authorizing construction would not be part of any “give back” under the terms of a peace agreement. In the court of world opinion, things don’t work for Israel like they do for other countries.