Will The New Jerusalem Land On Earth?


Is there anywhere in the Word that says the New Jerusalem will not descend to the earth because of its size?


At 1400 miles tall, it would extend into space well beyond the upper atmosphere and be 4,000 times as tall as the world’s next tallest building.

If it was circular in shape the New Jerusalem would be 2/3rds the size of the moon. And for me the clincher is in Rev. 21:24 which says the nations will walk by its light. Since Earth will get its light from the New Jerusalem, it has to be detached from Earth or else one side of the planet would always be dark. (Remember, in Matt. 24:29 Jesus said the sun and moon would not give their light after the end of the Great Tribulation.)

Put this all together and I think that although the Bible doesn’t specifically say so, it’s logical to conclude that the New Jerusalem will not land on Earth.