Is My Dad’s Ministry OK?


My mother had an affair and got pregnant to her boyfriend. My father who was a Pastor was forced to resign and after 4 years of separation mum divorced Dad. Dad met a lady 2 yrs after the divorce was finalized and they got married. Dad has since started pastoring a church again and I am concerned that his ministry will be ineffectual due to the sin of remarriage. My dad’s new wife was divorced from her alcoholic abusive husband for 12 years before she met dad and only became a Christian 3 years before they met.


According to Matt. 6:32, adultery is a permitted reason for divorce and your mother divorced your father, so he bears no responsibility for it. I don’t know the circumstances concerning your dad’s new wife, as to who left who and for what, but divorce is a forgivable sin and when she became a Christian all the sins of her life were forgiven. At that time she became a new creation. There’s no reason to believe this will make your father’s ministry ineffective.