Is My Daughter Still Saved?


After reading your answers on the age of accountability being around 13 (or puberty) I can logically agree with that. My question is; what if a child accepts Christ prior to the age of accountability. For instance my daughter accepted Christ and was baptized by her own choice around 8 years of age. She is an adult now and does not believe Jesus is the only way to heaven and she is also a lesbian. Does once saved always saved apply to her?


First of all, Once Saved Always Saved applies to everyone. There are no exceptions. Second, 13 is the age used in the Jewish religion for accountability. There’s no mention of a specific age in either the Old or New Testaments. Most scholars interpret it to be the age at which a child can understand the concept of sin and salvation. If your daughter was intellectually mature enough to know what she was doing when she asked for salvation then she is still saved. If she has wandered off, the Lord has promised to bring her back. He said He would never lose even one of us (John 6:38-40). Remember, He knew every sin of our lives before we came to be, and died for all of them (Colossians 2:13-14). Nothing we do is ever a surprise to Him. Keep praying for her. It won’t be in vain.