Is My Grandchild Possessed?


I don’t know how to specifically phrase my question. I know there are evil spirits in this world. I know the disciples were given the power to drive out spirits, but I have always been taught that we are not to be involved with the spirit world. I am asking about this now because someone at my church (which surprised me) has told me that one of my grandchildren is possessed by a spirit. We recently found out she has been involved with some children playing around with witchcraft and devil worship so nothing would surprise me. He wants to drive the spirit out. I am really concerned about getting into all of this. What should I do?


I’m sorry but I wouldn’t let a person like that within 100 yards of a child, relative or not. You didn’t say how old your grandchild is, or what kind of behavior you think is being prompted by an evil spirit, or what this man’s spiritual authority is. But spiritual warfare is not a game, and has the potential for doing more harm than good unless it’s applied carefully by someone with documented experience in that type of ministry, and there’s been independent confirmation that it’s necessary.